Confident that Mark Will Continue to Work Hard

We first retained Mark in August 2009 to represent us in a civil litigation and have since used him several times.  He has always represented us well; he is bright, energetic and compassionate.  He always promptly returns our calls and emails, fully and competently answering any questions we may have about our case.  We have recently retained Mark again and we are confident that he will continue to work hard…and effectively….on our behalf.


Saving our son


Denise and I are so grateful for your assistance in helping to save our son, Matthew. We were unaware of our son’s mental disability prior to his arrest. Thanks to your outstanding guidance and knowledge of the legal system, and your compassion and understanding, our son is with us today, instead of behind bars. Your understanding, during this very difficult time, helped to keep our family together. We are now able to give our son the help he needs. If anyone would ask me for the best lawyer, I would give you get the highest recommendation possible.
Thank you.
Fred and Denise

Fred and Denise Reschauer

Attorney for All

We met Mark for the beginning of a BK situation. Low and behold, a few weeks later we were also dealing with a personal settlement case. Mark was very knowledgeable in keeping track of all that needed to be done for the best case scenarios in not one, but two legal situations at the same time. He is easy to talk to, explains the ins and and outs of legal jargon and really wants the best for his clients! Both situations have had amazing outcomes given our circumstances and we thank Mark for his help!


Valuable Asset

Mark has been a valuable asset to our local organization. He’s there to guide us, keep us organized and to share his knowledge on animal law. While his legal services are valuable to us, Mark’s kindness, love for animals and service to our community are invaluable…PRICELESS!

B. Mansfield

Patient and Knowledgeable

I hired Mark for my recent divorce case. He was very patient and knowledgeable and took the time to always answer my questions and concerns. He fought hard and did a great job for such a difficult situation. I would highly recommend Mark.

Chad R.


Awesome attorney, fast services, professional. Couldn’t have had a better attorney!!!

Laura A

Highly recommend Mark to my partners

I was highly impressed with Mark’s enthusiasm and passion when I consulted him back in 2011. Mark demonstrated a high level of knowledge when it came to my mortgage matters, and was able to carry through the process with great competency and confidence. I will highly recommend Mark to my friends who require realty related legal services

Albert, General Manager
Loh & Co

Light at the end of a dark tunnel

Like many people today, I fell into the financial clutches and had no way out. Mark led me through chapter 7 bankruptcy. He was polite, professional, and straight to the point. I knew what the process was at all steps and if I had any questions he answered in a timely manner. Thank you for all the help. I got my life back.

Andrew S.


Mark’s kind, caring and knowledgeable approach turned what could have been a very difficult situation into a much less difficult experience with a very positive outcome. Many thanks!

Karie N

Mark is fantastic

I googled bankruptcy attorneys and found Mark. He has been fantastic. He’s not only been my attorney through my rough times but I know I made a friend also. I can call on him for help on anything.