My best interest

After finding myself dealing with the repercussions of a very unfortunate set of self inflicted circumstances (while caring for my gravely ill wife), we brought Mr Bamberger in to hopefully slow the tide. The first thing Mark did was express his condolences regarding the loss of my Wife who had since passed. From the start we had good communication lines which allowed me to grasp a good understanding of my legal rights and options. His end goal was to my best interest.


Great Communicator

We ran into a sticky client situation recently that required legal review. Mark defending our position to their attorney in a clear and concise manner. The outcome allowed us to pay our employees for the work that they did and recoup our pre-paid expenses. Highly recommend Mark for small business work.

Mike M, Owner
Bash Foo


Mark was excellent to work with as he was very upfront and honest. His knowledge is incredible and he is sure to represent you in the best way.


Life-Long Client

Absolutely pleased with the service Mark provided, even though there were bumps during the process, I have never lost confidence in his ability to get the job done, while being extremely responsive and affordable to boot! Truly grateful, hopefully I won’t be needing him anytime in the near future but he can consider me a life-long client.


Time crunch

Mark has gone above and beyond with my divorce hearing!! I had planned a wedding for a special date, a date that could be changed but was really special to my heart. Tick tock as minutes and days go by and I start to feel nervous about everything being complete in time for the big day. Mark comes through!! He is a great attorney!! He has promptly answered my every question and concern day or night!! Mark you rock!! If not for you this wouldn’t happen ❤️


Great attorney

Having been laid off due to the coronavirus, Mr. Bamberger was able to work with me financially. He has always promptly answered my questions and emails day or night. This is one dedicated and professional attorney who pushed for my divorce case to work through quick and painless. I would highly recommend to anyone in need of an honest attorney.


Honest attorney

Mark is one of the most honest attorneys I have dealt with. He will tell you what your best options are and will go out of his way to answer any questions. Even after my bankruptcy, he would still email back the answer to my questions. He really does care and wants to help people with their legal problems. I recommend him to everyone I know facing legal issues.


Jury trial

Mark is a wonderful defense attorney he will listen to you with compassion and is very considerate. My son had 7 charges against him. Mark refused the plea deal and we went to a jury trial. My son was found NOT GUILTY on All 7 charges. Thank you Mr Bamberger for all you have done.


Many Thanks

Mark guided me through each step of a Chapter 13. He was available immediately to answer any questions or assist in any way. One step ahead of the game is how I would describe Mark. My sincerest gratitude for his courteous, professional behavior and his ongoing commitment to his client and demonstration of legal competence. Thanks Mark.


There For The Long Haul

I just recently completed a very long five years of Chapter 13 and Mark was there throughout, answering questions and following through, no matter the request. From the beginning, he has been knowledgeable, down to earth, non-judgmental and patient as I went through this very embarrassing time of my life. He made the process easy, from filing to receiving that coveted discharge. He’s not the typical rigid, intimidating attorney and seems genuinely interested in helping. Thank you, Mark, for putting up with me and helping me get back to a financially healthy place!