Animal Law

animal law

Animal law issues encompass a broad spectrum of approaches—from philosophical explorations of the rights of animals to pragmatic discussions about the rights of those who use animals, who has standing to sue when an animal is harmed in a way that violates the law, and what constitutes legal cruelty. Animal law permeates and affects most traditional areas of the law – including tort, contract, criminal and constitutional law. Examples of this intersection include:

  • Animal custody disputes in divorce or separations
  • Veterinary malpractice cases
  • Housing disputes involving “no pets” policies and discrimination laws
  • Damages cases involving the wrongful death or injury to a companion animal
  • Enforceable trusts for companions being adopted by states across the country
  • Criminal law encompassing domestic violence and anti-cruelty laws

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Ohio Animal Advocates

Along with running The Mark Bamberger Company, I am also the Board President of Ohio Animal Advocates (“OAA”). Through the years, I have satisfied my yin for animal protection by serving as pro bono general counsel for animal shelters and a wolf rescue and habitat. About 18 months ago, I got together with Vicki Deisner, … Continue reading Ohio Animal Advocates

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A Proud Ohio Animal Advocate

As many, OK all, of you know by now, I am passionate about motorcycling. It is my number one hobby and I ride 17k-18 miles/year on my Honda Goldwing. But you may not also know that I am a militant animal advocate. For years I have served as pro bono general counsel for several animal … Continue reading A Proud Ohio Animal Advocate