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Along with running The Mark Bamberger Company, I am also the Board President of Ohio Animal Advocates (“OAA”). Through the years, I have satisfied my yin for animal protection by serving as pro bono general counsel for animal shelters and a wolf rescue and habitat. About 18 months ago, I got together with Vicki Deisner, Esq., the former executive director of the Ohio Environmental Counsel, and others to found OAA. OAA was Vicki’s dream, and she shared the dream with me of a clearinghouse for education, training, and information in Ohio for those wanting to protect and live harmoniously with non-human animals. Paula Wieser joined us as Board Vice President, Treasurer, and Webmaster, and Michelle Lanham, Esq. is now Board Secretary and Social Media Coordinator. Further, we now have a slate of dedicated volunteers that advise us in animal medical care, fundraising, and legal and educational matters.

For a long time now, there has been a need for such an organization. Ohio has lagged behind many other states in the protection of animals, and we felt it time to unify all the wonderful efforts around the State to move the cause forward. We are non-profit under §501(c)(3) of the federal tax code and do not do political lobbying. We focus on education and greater awareness of the needs in Ohio for the protection of domesticated and wild animals.

At www.ohioanimaladvocates.org, we currently have on-line information and resources for pet food pantries, animal cruelty reporting, legislative action alerts, wild animal trapping alternatives, community cat programs, breed-specific legislation concerns, affiliations and partnerships in animal protection, humane partner profiles, and compassionate education programs.

Visit the OAA Facebook page here.

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  • Please help save Animal Charity of Ohio. It is currently being run by people who don’t care for the animals. The animals are being severely neglected. Some aren’t getting walked everyday. Their kennels are covered in feces. They are euthanizing animals for no reason.

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