Environmental Law

The Mark Bamberger Law Co. LLC has extensive experience with federal and state CERCLA /Superfund claims, potentially responsible party (PRP) group common and litigation counsel roles, RCRA and Community Right to Know practice.

We also have broad experience defending classic toxic tort matters involving mass and individual personal injury claims and diminution of property value claims.  We have handled cases dealing with contaminated ground water and well water contamination with TCE, PCE and other volatile organic compounds  (VOC’s); soil contamination with arsenic; air contamination with hydrogen sulfide as well as chromium. We have also represented clients in federal and state natural resource damages actions.

We assist clients with any environmental aspects of transactions arising from corporate acquisitions, lending, and the sale of businesses or real property. This practice includes identifying, evaluating and negotiating environmental risks, risk allocation and indemnities.

Our in-depth and varied expertise in these areas provides clients with solid and reliable strategic advice and efficiencies, with the goal of success at trial.

The Mark Bamberger Law Co. LLC fights for compensation and relief for our clients in a variety of ways, up to and including:

* Filing Class Action lawsuits on behalf of neighborhoods whose environment has been contaminated;
* Filing lawsuits on behalf of individuals whose health has been injured by toxic chemicals;
* Seeking court order demanding that the polluter promptly remedy the environmental contamination;
* Demanding government action to remedy the contamination problem.

What is Environmental Law?

Dr. Mark J. Bamberger, Esq., Chairperson DBA Environmental Law Committee Tree Hugger! Bleeding-heart Liberal! Animal Liberationist! It goes on and on. Many people have certain perceptions of those of us who practice in the area of environmental law. Coming from a scientific and environmental background, this author has heard them all. Although at times true, … Continue reading What is Environmental Law?