Patient and Knowledgeable

I hired Mark for my recent divorce case. He was very patient and knowledgeable and took the time to always answer my questions and concerns. He fought hard and did a great job for such a difficult situation. I would highly recommend Mark.

Chad R.


Awesome attorney, fast services, professional. Couldn’t have had a better attorney!!!

Laura A

Highly recommend Mark to my partners

I was highly impressed with Mark’s enthusiasm and passion when I consulted him back in 2011. Mark demonstrated a high level of knowledge when it came to my mortgage matters, and was able to carry through the process with great competency and confidence. I will highly recommend Mark to my friends who require realty related legal services

Albert, General Manager
Loh & Co

Light at the end of a dark tunnel

Like many people today, I fell into the financial clutches and had no way out. Mark led me through chapter 7 bankruptcy. He was polite, professional, and straight to the point. I knew what the process was at all steps and if I had any questions he answered in a timely manner. Thank you for all the help. I got my life back.

Andrew S.


Mark’s kind, caring and knowledgeable approach turned what could have been a very difficult situation into a much less difficult experience with a very positive outcome. Many thanks!

Karie N

Mark is fantastic

I googled bankruptcy attorneys and found Mark. He has been fantastic. He’s not only been my attorney through my rough times but I know I made a friend also. I can call on him for help on anything.



Truly an awesome attorney! Very honest and so helpful that you never have to wait long for a response to anything you ask. You can tell he truly cares about the people he is helping and you really do not find that in too many attorneys. HIGHLY recommended!


MSPB Federal Employee WIN!

For over two years, I have been working to resolve my employment claim with my former federal employer with Dr. Bamberger’s guidance and support. This week we learned that we prevailed in my MSPB hearing. I am very thankful for Mark’s support and perseverance through two years plus of litigation…thank YOU!

Angela F.


Mark was a great attorney. Highly recommend him. He always answered our calls and emails in timely manner. Very informative and a straight forward guy.

Chris C.

You’ve Got to Like THIS One

Many people don’t like lawyers–but you’ve got to like THIS one. Mark was kind and solicitous during all this three-year-long legal ordeal. He was always available and ready to explain things to us; he was so patient with us. Thanks so much, Mark.

Susan S