The Nicest Part About Being a Lawyer

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The practice of law can be stressful, challenging, and at time down right painful. The rate of alcohol and other substance abuse in the legal practice is among the highest of any profession. Those who have practiced more than a few months know why. The good attorney cares deeply and passionately about each client. The smarter one finds ways to cope with all that pain and suffering by compartmentalizing the pain so that s/he can lead decent personal lives.

Yet, with the pain can come great satisfaction and even joy. Over the course of a year, we perform hundreds of bankruptcies, divorces and dissolutions, custody, and criminal defense cases. We often see people at the darkest and lowest point of their lives; dealing with massive debt, depression, and/or heart ache. That said, I have long ago lost track of the number of clients who hugged me, often in tears, when they realized that the debt, horrible marriage, lost time with children, or nervousness of dealing with the court system, was over. They could start a new life with more hope and plans for the future.

My long-held personal mantra is “the best reward for a job well done, is more work”. We continue to get referrals and new clients who see that we care and try to guide them through the worst times of their lives into a brighter age. That indeed is the nicest part of being a lawyer!

MJB, Spring Valley, 2016

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