Mark Bamberger, PhD, JD Educates on Animal Law at the 2012 Ohio State Bar Association Annual Convention

Mark Bamberger, PhD, JD Educates on Animal Law at the 2012 Ohio State Bar Association Annual ConventionAs a part of the 2012 Ohio State Bar Association’s annual convention, local attorney Mark Bamberger presented to his peers his publication entitled, A Litigator’s Guide to Fitting Animals into Environmental Law, a paper which deals with primarily the fact that animals in Ohio find very little protection under the law.

Dr. Mark Bamberger proffers that those litigating in support of animals in the State of Ohio must think creatively in finding strategies and tactics in order to protect Ohio’s animal populations.

Within the Extract, Bamberger relates “Environmentalists have always been a little tone deaf when it comes to valuating environmental resources; including the value of preserving herds of animals”.

About the 2012 Ohio State Bar Association Annual Convention

As a part of the convention each year, the Ohio State Bar Association provides attorneys with an opportunity to not only learn in small peer groups, but also collect Continuing Legal Education (CLE) credits in a classroom setting. At this year’s convention, more than 825 attendees were able to take an opportunity to learn from the most notable of Ohio’s legal specialists, respected for their work in and out of the courtroom.
Dr. Mark Bamberger shares, “The OSBA conference is really a great opportunity to network and to learn from those who specialize in their fields. The sessions provide us with a multitude of topics to choose from including consumer protection, litigation, corporate compliance, family law, estate planning, M&A, and of course my favorite topic, animal law”.

About Mark Bamberger

Dr. Bamberger received his BA from Miami University, his MS from Wichita State University, his PhD from The Union Institute, and his JD from Capital University Law School. His professional memberships include the Ohio State Bar Association and the Dayton Bar Association. Dr. Bamberger has worked as an environmental educator, hydrogeologist, contaminant geochemist, and hazardous waste remediation supervisor, law advisor, and environmental law specialist. Since 2009, he has owned and operated his firm, a general practice law firm with offices in Tipp City, West Chester, Enon, and Spring Valley.

Dr. Bamberger’s passion in legal practice is animal law, and he currently serves as general counsel for a number of small and large animal rescue and/or advocacy organizations. He has served as lead attorney on several large civil actions in Ohio against groups who have harmed or killed animals.

Mr. Bamberger is a benefactor and legal advisor to the Wolf Creek Wolf Habitat & Rescue, Inc., in Brookville, Indiana. Before his shift from environmental consulting and teaching into law, he worked in environmental consulting and taught as an adjunct professor of geology and environmental science and advised students at more than seven universities for more than 22 years, including Miami University, Capital University, Wichita State University, SUNY-Binghamton, Eastern Connecticut State University, and The Union Institute.

Dr. Bamberger taught in various sub-disciplines, including but not limited to, environmental history and philosophy, hydrogeology, contaminant geochemistry, and American presidential history. He also worked for the Connecticut DEP in their hazardous waste enforcement sections and the Ohio EPA in their drinking and ground water section, as well as several major environmental and nuclear consulting firms in Connecticut and Ohio.

Dr. Bamberger can be reached at (877) 644-8181 (office), (937) 405-1491 (fax), or via email at

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