Keeping Score

The Mark Bamberger Co., LLC was founded on February 1, 2009. For those keeping score, since TMBC opened 3,185 days ago (as of October 21, 2017), Mark has completed 988 separate cases from roughly 700 clients in his practice, in other words, we are honored to have received a new case every 3.22 days and a new client every ~4.55 days. Those 988 cases have comprised the following:

  1. 300 federal Chapter 7 and 13 bankruptcy cases;
  2. 165 criminal defense cases;
  3. 140 dissolution/divorce cases;
  4. 128 civil (trial and appeal, non-employment) Ohio and federal litigation cases;
  5. 92 corporate/contract review or dispute/simple will cases;
  6. 83 child custody/guardianship cases;
  7. 64 employment cases; and
  8. 16 environmental/animal law cases.

Through our four offices in Enon, Spring Valley, Tipp City, and West Chester, TMBC has completed casework in 12 counties in Southwestern Ohio (Butler, Champaign, Clark, Clermont, Clinton, Darke, Greene, Hamilton, Miami, Montgomery, Preble, and Shelby) and a total of more than 35 separate federal, county, and municipal jurisdictions. The mean case cost for our clients has been $1,322 and, given our lower overhead obligations, most of our clients have found our prices well below average for the region.

Mark’s masochistic mantra is “the best reward for a job well done…is more work”, so keep those cases coming! And we always love referrals from client friends, family, and colleagues. Have a wondrous Fall and 2017 Holiday Season.

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