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Who Represents the Animals

First, what is animal law? In general, it relates to the legal protection and/or regulation of all non-human animals. For example, I am the general counsel for a few animal
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guns-deadly force-rights

Guns, Deadly Force, and Your Rights

You own a gun and have your Ohio Concealed Carry Weapon (“CCW”) Permit. So far, so good. But what if you have to use that gun one night?  Having ridden in a motorcycle
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Your Rights Once Arrested

Increasingly, I am asked what I should do if and when I am arrested. This is a complicated issue, but let me explain the primary concepts; regardless of whether you are whit
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How to Find a Competent Attorney

There are literally thousands of lawyers within a stone’s throw of most of our clients, but finding a competent attorney is not so simple. There are massively large law fi
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Lawyering and Life

What is it like to be a lawyer? Well, it can suck. Alcohol and substance abuse among attorneys is among the highest of any profession.[1] The fact is that in so many cases i
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But He’s Guilty, Right?

Mark J. Bamberger, Esq., Owner/Attorney and Counselor at Law The Mark Bamberger Co., LLC One of the most challenging, yet most satisfying areas of my practice is criminal la
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When NOT to File Bankruptcy

At the Mark Bamberger Company my staff and I have successfully completed hundreds of Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcies over the better part of the last decade. Bankruptc
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7 Is Smaller than 13, Right?

Mark J. Bamberger, Ph.D., J.D., Owner/Attorney and Counselor at Law The Mark Bamberger Co., LLC It’s a simple fact of math. Seven is smaller than 13. But in considering ba
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