• In the initial contact with Mark Bamberger, the pressure was a huge relief. I had made more than a dozen calls to attorneys that said I had a potential case, but was not interested in it do to the extent it would take to win. Mark assured me of the success rate, but was very adomit about his confience in his ability. He made me feel as if he was attached personally in my situation and gave me sense of security in following through with my initial feelings. With Mark assuming the mediator roll and looking out for my best interest; I am better equipped to deal with and continue living my normal life. Thank you Mark and hopefully we can celebrate this victory.

  • Bankruptcy is a scarey road when you have always had good credit.
    Unfortunately we had to file for BR and was scared to death–we had very good credit befor loss of an income and 2 wrong investment decisions. It was very embarrassing and hard to accept, but Mark made us feel at easy and he explained what was happening, even though final closure has not happened yet. When I would call Mark or E-mail him he would respond as soon as him was able, even when he was on vacation. We would highly recommend Mark and will continue with him if needed in the future.

    Andrea & Gerald
    Englewood, OH
    12/09 to present

  • My name is Joe DeLory. Up until a couple months ago I was in serious despair about a conspiracy situation I am involved in. I contacted over 20 attorneys for help with my case and was denied by everyone. After five weeks of desperate searching and sinking into severe depression, the Dayton Bar Association referred me to their second recommendation, after their first failed to represent me. I went to Dr. Bamberger’s office in TIpp CIty ready for the same “sorry I can’t help you” response I had gotten too many times over my mountainous search for representation. Mark saved my life on my visit. Well, in a sense, since my health was in serious jeopardy from my stress of the situation. Many people feel “victory” is winning in court or getting a huge sum of money. To me, just getting representation was a HUGE victory. Not just that, but on a contingency as well! Since I am not a millionaire, there was no way I could have afforded a big retainer for a good attorney. I feel very confident in Dr. Bamberger’s work to get me the justice I deserve, and we ALL deserve. Thank you Mark!

  • Mark was instrumental in getting my Chapter 7 filed and discharged.  With this step in my path I feel like I am finally able to take control of my life back.  I can’t begin to express how helpful Mark has been, or how grateful I feel.  Thank You Mark!  Keep up the good work.  

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