How to Find a Competent Attorney


There are literally thousands of lawyers within a stone’s throw of most of our clients, but finding a competent attorney is not so simple. There are massively large law firms with hundreds of lawyers, law firms with folks who have been in the practice for 40 years, solo practitioners who specialize in certain areas of law. So with all those options, why would someone choose my law practice?

We’ve found that there are only a few grounding principles needed to master the practice of law:

  1. Be competent;
  2. Look people straight in the eyes;
  3. Tell clients the truth; be it good, bad, or ugly; and
  4. Put yourself in your client’s shoes

You’d be amazed at how many lawyers fail at one if not all of these basic rules. Large law firms only take large clients since their overhead is so high and firms who specialize in one area or another are often incapable of walking clients through the various complexities in their lives. While they may actually have compassion for your situation, they really don’t have the time to deal with that complexity.

There are fancier law firms than TMBC. Their marble and mahogany offices with piles of outdated law journals shimmer and impress visitors and clients alike. The specializing firms do well; but only in their specialized areas. Our experience has taught us that often a client filing bankruptcy is also going through a divorce, or has a criminal matter, or has an employment concern, or might be fighting for custody of a child or grandchild. Though we do have four offices to serve our clients from Hamilton to Champaign Counties in Ohio, they are basic. Our overhead is very low so we can keep our rates equally low. Yet we have the experience and training to handle many areas of law people need. Besides tax law, Medicaid/Medicare law, and probate law, there is not much we have not competently and completely handled.

At the end of the day, we can help you in the areas in which we practice, we look clients in the eye and tell them the truth, even if they might not be thrilled with the answers, and our clients have told us often that we seem to empathize with their concerns. Choose your attorney wisely. Your life or livelihood might indeed depend on this important decision.

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