The Cyclical Nature of the Practice of Law

I am often asked about the cyclical nature of the practice of law. Certainly there are ebbs and flows in new cases that come in the door at different times of the calendar year. In 2016, roughly 33% of our business involves some form of family law (dissolution, divorce, guardianships, custody, grandparent rights) 33% involve bankruptcy (Chapters 7 and 13), and the other 33% included a diverse collection of criminal defense, corporate law, civil litigation, employment law, animal law, etc.).

Often divorces tend to peak around tax refund time and early Fall. Each year we get a number of cases based on our clients telling us that “…they wanted to wait until after the holidays to file”. This is sad, but a fact of life. Likewise, bankruptcies often peak around tax time since people have the money to file. A large caveat to this is that folks can file a bankruptcy anytime since, as long as they stop paying on their unsecured debt (e.g., credit cards, medical bills, payday loans, etc.), they can accumulate the funds to pay an attorney to file and begin the case for them.

As for the other areas, employment law cases can arise anytime but often peak in the late Summer to early Fall when businesses start setting their next fiscal year budgets; and in doing so look for sleazy ways to trim their payroll on the backs of their employees. Criminal work often follows economic downturns since people get desperate about job loss, mounting bills, or a generally poor economy.

Learning the lesson of the Irish Potato Famine, I have tried to keep this practice of law diversified. Not only is that smarter economics, but it also means our job is NEVER boring. Each day is challenging and engaging…just as we like it!

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