Animal Law

animal law

Animal law issues encompass a broad spectrum of approaches—from philosophical explorations of the rights of animals to pragmatic discussions about the rights of those who use animals, who has standing to sue when an animal is harmed in a way that violates the law, and what constitutes legal cruelty. Animal law permeates and affects most traditional areas of the law – including tort, contract, criminal and constitutional law. Examples of this intersection include:

  • Animal custody disputes in divorce or separations
  • Veterinary malpractice cases
  • Housing disputes involving “no pets” policies and discrimination laws
  • Damages cases involving the wrongful death or injury to a companion animal
  • Enforceable trusts for companions being adopted by states across the country
  • Criminal law encompassing domestic violence and anti-cruelty laws

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Who Represents the Animals

First, what is animal law? In general, it relates to the legal protection and/or regulation of all non-human animals. For example, I am the general counsel for a few animal shelters in Ohio. Issues such as corporate formation of animal-related LLCs, implementation of proper insurance to protect those involved with the animal concern, and law … Continue reading Who Represents the Animals


Ohio’s Exotic Animal Control Law Aims to Balance Public Safety and Animal Owner Rights

Q:        What is the Exotic Animal Control Law? A:        The Exotic Animal Control Law (EACL) is a new law in Ohio that restricts and regulates the ownership and use of what are called “exotic” animals. The law defines “exotic animals” to effectively include any non-human animal that is not ordinarily kept in households. Examples include … Continue reading Ohio’s Exotic Animal Control Law Aims to Balance Public Safety and Animal Owner Rights